Authentic and One of a Kind

The first of its kind. RAW products bring simplicity and great quality to the world of

smoking. Whether you're lighting up after a long day of work or you're in a rush before

getting to work our RAW products will save your time and efficiently get the job done!

Organically Produced

With a vast variety of rolling papers from RAW they provide options of organic or vegan

papers but all include a patented, run-free watermark for an extra flair and an

incredible smooth, even burn.

Consumer Benefit

- The most natural way to roll! RAW is the way to go if you're health conscious but still

enjoy smoking.

- RAW Organic Rolling Papers include organically grown, chlorine-free hemp, with

natural flavor to compliment what you're smoking on.

- Our eco-friendly products are packed in crafted paper and natural rubber bands.

- Products do not include any added chalks or dyes.

- There is not a healthier option for smoking than RAW !