Alcoy, Spain

Step 1 of 5: Curated Plant Fibers

The finest unrefined and organic plant fibers are selected and combined with natural tree sap to make the Raw paper material. A proprietary criss-cross watermark for an ideal burn is embedded into the paper.


Step 2 of 5: Finished Production

Raw papers are finalized in production into Raw Cones. To this day, Raw Cones are still hang dried and hand packed into boxes. A final human touch for the one and only Raw.

Phoenix, AZ

Step 3 of 5: Raw aRrives

Your beautifully curated Raw Cones arrive at HBI headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. By law, these products must go through a distributor like The Green Blazer in order to be sold to consumers. 

Las Vegas, NV

Step 4 of 5: Amazon Prep and Quality Control

The Green Blazer preps the product in our FDA approved facility to make commercially available on Amazon. 

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Raw + The Green Blazer + Amazon

Step 5 of 5: Raw Cones on Amazon

Just type "Raw the Green Blazer" into Amazon and buy from your phone or computer. Your product will arrive in most cases in only one day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We will replace or refund any imperfect product no questions asked. Business done right.

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