Raw Cones - Organic 1-1/4 Size

By The Green Blazer


All Products for Tobacco Use Only.
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Gone are the days of wasting time painstakingly hand rolling cigarettes. With these pre rolled RAW cones packaged and sold by The Green Blazer, you can save valuable time compared to using traditional rolling papers. Our cones allow you to effortlessly produce your own cigarettes and tobacco products. Simply fill the cone with whatever you choose to smoke, twist off the end, light up and enjoy. These are king size 1 ¼ cones that are 110 mm long with a 26 mm tip.

Each of our cones is made from hemp paper that is designed with a criss cross watermark pattern. Unique to RAW products, this watermark prevents runs and maintains a smooth, slow and clean burning smoke for a more enjoyable smoking experience. Instead of smoking in a rush, like some fast burning papers require, you can relax and take your time.

These cones are completely organic and all natural. Each cone is constructed with genuine unrefined paper that is 100% GMO and gluten free. The paper uses a hybrid of unbleached fibers made from pure hemp that is grown without harsh pesticides or non-natural fertilizers. Our organic cone is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Due to its natural production, the paper burns clean, resulting in smoke that tastes natural and light.

Our pre rolled papers are designed with a cone shape for an even burning smoke. The unique shape allows more tobacco to be burned when first lit and as you continue smoking less and less is burned. As the tobacco gets stronger, you are burning less of it, ensuring that the first puff is as good as the last.

For delivery, our cones are stacked on cardboard straws to preserve the shape and prevent them from being flattened during travel. We take great care to ensure that each bundle is packaged neatly so your items arrive safely and ready to use.

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